Beverly Belshaw

Birthplace: Manchester 1962

• Concepts and Influences

Inspired by natural beauty, my response is spontaneous expression in the form of flowing lines, repetition in shapes and the reflective qualities of light through any media of choice. The fluidity of silk painting has been the catalyst for letting go of visual boundaries and developing an intuitive and abstract style. This has progressed towards exploring tactile materials and mosaic art. The sensory experience highlights the importance of enabling artistic expression, made visible through the tangible nature of a medium. My love for making mosaics seems to underline the significance of touch.

• Qualifications

1981 ULCI Northwest Regional Diploma Textiles
1983 TEC Higher Diploma Textiles
2016 MA Art Therapy

• Career

I have been an artist, living and working in Wales since 1984, and enjoy sharing creative experiences with others. The journey has been rewarding and involved much work and play.
I maintain high standards in the administration of my business and review my practice on a regular basis, aware of the need to remain informed in a profession that continues to transform. My experience to date includes public art commissions, project management, marketing, design and product development. I embrace opportunities to develop new skills through education and enjoy the benefits of collaboration and networking. As an artist facilitator, I have delivered textile and mosaic projects to a diverse range of individuals in the community and in schools